KIDSTART is a school of educational programs aimed at
on development of the child's personality «intellectual» and «comprehensively developed».

for children from 4 years
and their parents
in our school parents learn together
with children
the American standard of education
we work directly with Stanford University
the author's method of development of business intelligence
thanks to our method 12 graduates earned 364 000 rubles
Our course
When you write on the course "Business thinking", robot dog as a gift!
Feedback from parents about the school
Thank you large school "Kidstart" for bright living lessons. Mark has found new friends, played in "lemonade stand", been an option for contest with robots. I, as a mother, is an important concern, which in the "kit launch" attitude towards children. One of the few activities that maintains a constant interest in something new! Thank you for your contribution to the development of our son:)
Maria Reznikova
the founder of The Fabrika
Thank you Elizabeth for cool lessons, atmosphere, unique experience. Tikhon found out what qualities of the entrepreneurs. Made a design project for the company"LavkaLavka". Went to the internship with Starbucks.
Pavel Nazarov
Key account manager, Sislink
Three of my children enjoy going to Kidstart school. They learn together and love classes in the Art laboratory. For me it is important that in addition to the development of creative thinking, children received business skills. Want to be sure that they will be able to give your business.
Alexander Mikhailov
the founder of LavkaLavka
Son goes to school" Kidstart " for six months. During this time, he created an online store and service for rodents. Held master classes for children on the basics of business. He earned his first 7000 rubles. He has changed for the better. Pride!
Dmitry Demidov
Head of CRM department, NORBIT

The eldest son (14 years) is engaged in the second academic year. During this time, dramatic changes have taken place in the behaviour and level of the issues he discusses at home. Interest in business and profit. Moreover, he has already begun his activities, which brings him income and he has really his pocket money and a plan for conservation and accumulation. I am Very pleased. Recommend!)
Sergey Ermolaev
Business Union of Eurasia
Elizaveta Kashirina, founder of the school of business thinking "KIDSTART".
First kid's token KIDCOIN creator
The author of the business intelligence development method for kids
Graduated from Stanford University
Elizaveta Kashirina's lifestyle blog on Mediametrics video channel
Blockchain startups advisor
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